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Our fully equipped rehearsal space comes with everything you need to start making music right away. We know gear is expensive and access to quality tools can be difficult depending on your situation. That's why we've designed this space with all the tools needed to get down to the music with out messing around. This includes great sounding drums, amplifiers, and more is all provided in house. In addition the room is equipped with 4 individual monitor mixes and microphones for everyone so you won't miss a beat. Want to hear how things went after rehearsals? No problem. We offer a 100% turnkey set p and can multi track your rehearsal live off the floor. This is just one of the many tools available to help increase productivity and keep things moving forward from session to session. 

As we mentioned above, recording is something we aim to make quick and painless. While recording sessions live off the floor is our most popular option, we always love working with artists and musicians on more complex projects. No matter your style genre we have engineers and producers on hand that will sit down with you to pick the best plan of attack for your specific project. While rates can vary for engineers and producers depending on their portfolio, booking time at the loft for your project is free of charge as part of your membership.

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Not just for musicians. Our membership is designed to cover as many facets of our industry as possible and video is a huge one. As the music business continues to evolve, and as we've seen during the past couple of years especially, there is no denying that video has become a major component and valuable tool for the music industry. That's why your Loft membership includes access to a dedicated suite of powerful tools and software to help you save time and be more creative with your projects. 

Heading to rehearsal but need to stop on the way for sticks and picks? No anymore! Our onsite Pro Shop has you covered with all the tools and accessories you need to get your jam on. Member perks include discounts on select items and inventory preferences. Kee your profile up to date with your favorite brands and product and we'll be sure to keep them in stock for your next visit. Don't have time to stop in? No problem. Order through our online store and get free local delivery!

Tech bench is one of many new offerings here at the loft. Need to give your guitar a tweak, change strings, or repair electrical components? We've got you. Though we won't always have a tech available to help, our tech bench is available to book anytime and includes all the tools you'll need to get your guitar clean and precise for your next gig. From a soldering station to a buff and shine treatment, Tech Bench has your back.

So you've finally finished that EP or demo and now it's time to send it away. This is it. Your chance to make a solid first impression. Keep it professional with a commercial mailing address. With private mailboxes for all our members it's never been easier to give a professional first impression, while maintaining privacy by not using your home address on important documents, papers and parcels. Better yet, get notified as soon as it arrives! This is just one more benefit of many that comes free of charge with your membership here at The Loft.