E2L Creative Spaces Inc. began as an initiative to create an affordable rehearsal and recording facility in Uptown Saint John that could provide our community with a professional studio environment, at a low cost. Our first and only location currently in operation, The E2L Loft has exceeded our expectations and served as a proof of concept that more can and needs to be done to support our local artists, musicians, and industry professionals.

As we continue to grow and improve our E2L Loft location, plans are in motion for a second larger location. This location will add much needed capacity for rehearsals, as well as several additional "Flex Spaces" and a medium sized venue space. Though there are many challenges to overcome as we plan ahead, we are hopeful that the new location could be operational towards the end of 2022. 

If you would like to learn more about our initiatives, how the memberships work, or how you could help, please email us at e2lloft@gmail.com.

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